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Law Firm in Denmark

If you are looking for a lawyer in Denmark, you should know that we have attorneys specialized in numerous legal areas, therefore we can assist you in a wide range of legal matters. From assistance when opening a company in this country to resolving debt collection cases or litigation cases, our team of lawyers is at your disposal.

Denmark is a country that encourages innovation and it is also one of the easiest places to do business in Europe. A well-developed R&D and business environment, as well as excellent infrastructure and a productive workforce, are just some of the reasons why investors choose Denmark. Having a trustworthy and professional partner, like our law firm in Denmark, is a key advantage for all investors willing to explore the various possibilities for investment in Denmark. 

 Quick Facts  
Commercial litigation assistance offered by our lawyers in Denmark Legal assistance and representation across all types of business disputes, class action lawsuits, arbitration for business and commercial matters


Company formation in Denmark


Complete assistance for company formation in Denmark for all business forms (corporations, sole traders, holding companies, partnerships)


 Our lawyers in Denmark assist foreign nationals who wish to open a bank account, as well as foreigners or locals interested in business loans or other
banking law issues

Employment contracts and special clauses, collective employment, employment contract termination, dismissal according to law, whistleblowing, etc.

International investments
in Denmark
Assistance for foreign companies interested in setting up their Nordic headquarters through a branch. Information about franchising, representative offices and more
Tax matters 

Complete details on the local tax laws, tax requirements and reporting, tax minimization possibilities and the available double tax treaty network


Our team handles bankruptcy and insolvency cases with careful consideration, observing the mandatory steps and assisting parties who wish to file
for bankruptcy in Denmark

Intellectual property Trademark registration in Denmark, designs and patents protection, trademark opposition and infringement and other issues regarding IP rights  
Debt recovery services offered by our lawyers in Denmark  Amicable debt collection whenever possible and legal representation throughout the legal proceedings for debt collection, if and when required 
Real estate issues Commercial property sale and purchase, commercial rental agreement, construction law, etc. 
Residential conveyancing Property sale and purchase agreements for individuals in Denmark, assistance for foreign nationals interested in property purchase
Individual employment  Information on the general employment policy, foreign employee rights, legal assistance for unfair dismissals
or other issues 
Civil litigation Personal injury, tenancy law issues, wills and marriage issues, criminal law, etc. 
Divorce and family law Divorce, parental responsibility (including child custody and maintenance), the division of property after divorce, etc.  
Immigration Residence permits applications for employees, investors, students or family reunification in Denmark, permanent residence applications, assistance for
obtaining citizenship by naturalization 
Company mergers and acquisitions Our lawyers offer expertise in providing guidance for mergers and acquisition transactions, addressing tax, competition, employment law concerns, and offer support for business sales across diverse business sectors.

Obtaining special permits and licenses

Our team can help you apply for your own sector-specific licenses and permits with the relevant Danish authorities.

Representation through power of attorney (YES/NO)


 Closing a company

Our law firm in Denmark provides assistance for closing companies in the country;

Both solvent liquidation (by members' decision) and compulsory liquidation (ordered by Court) are covered.

Holding company formation

We assist with opening holding companies, helping investors navigate the legal process.

Legal entity selection

Our lawyers assist in determining the suitable legal entity form based on the client's business plans.

Expansion to Danish market

We provide support for companies seeking to expand to the Danish market;

Services include information on franchising, branch opening, and subsidiary establishment.


Our partner accountants in Denmark provide services (bookkeeping, annual reporting, tax compliance and optimization) for newly incorporated businesses, start-ups, and existing companies.

Business disputes and legal counseling

We have experience in handling business disputes for both local and foreign clients and offer legal representation in court and arbitration, as well as settlement of disputes and legal counseling.

VAT Registration In collaboration with specialized accountants, we can help businesses with VAT registration.
Tax calculator 

A tax calculator is offered to verify if a client's country of residence has a Double Tax Treaty with Denmark and to determine tax liabilities for their business.

Company due dilligence

Our lawyers offer company due diligence services as part of our legal practice. 

Wills and inheritance

Estate planning, will drafting, and inheritance-related legal services are common areas of practice for our team.

GDPR legislation

We can help ensure that businesses understand and meet their obligations under the GDPR, and maintain a strong data protection framework.

Why chose our law firm in Denmark

– competent and experienced team,

– long-term collaborative relationships,

– constant legal support,

– personalized solutions and services,

– support for foreigners,

– full and comprehensive services, etc.

Top reasons to work with our law firm in Denmark

Our law firm in Denmark has developed a strong legal team composed of the most competent, efficient and well-trained lawyers who have maintained long-term collaborative relationships with our customers, based on an active involvement and on the ability to develop creative solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs and requirements.

Any collaboration with our lawyers in Denmark begins by offering advice, but it does not end with the implementation of the legal solution, as our lawyers will always be there to make sure that you and your business will not be affected by further problems that may occur.

Our law firm’s goal is to combine specialized knowledge with commitment, responsibility, dedication, and devotion to achieve the highest standards in the practice areas in which we operate.

Our Danish lawyers always advise their clients to negotiate their claims with the other parties in order to avoid a long and costly procedure. Our attorneys offer advice and representation in any relationship with other parties, as they believe that mediation is a very important step in the successful resolution of a dispute.

The following list describes the main services offered by our team of professionals:

  • Litigation: our team has extensive experience in litigation cases; after an examination of your case, our attorneys can help represent you in court
  • Company incorporation: Denmark is an attractive country for foreign investors; those who are unfamiliar with the laws or simply require assistance can rely on the help provided by our agents.
  • Obtaining special permits and licenses: several sector-specific licenses are needed in Denmark. Our lawyers can help you apply for these with the relevant Danish authorities.
  • Company liquidation: regardless of the reason for the company closure, the process needs to follow a few key steps and our lawyers can help you accomplish this.
  • Debt recovery: our Danish lawyers can help you with debt recovery, either through negotiation or through needed legal action, should the case require such a step.
  • Tax planning: tax planning, optimization and general counseling are all services provided by our lawyers who specialize in the Danish Tax Law.

Our lawyer in Denmark can also help you with various cases involving the civil law. We also provide services for individuals, now only companies and we can help with advisory services related to obtaining work and residence permits, buying property and other issues. 

Some of these services are outlined below. 

Litigation services in Denmark

By working with our lawyers in Denmark any litigation procedure will always be resolved in the most advantageous manner for you. Our lawyers will inform you from the start about the risks and benefits that may arise during the normal course of the process and the approximate duration. We are able to provide a wide range of services from specialized assistance and representation before any Court in Denmark to advice on the application of civil and commercial laws, assistance and representation in matters of real estate claims, assistance and representation in the enforcement phase, assistance, and representation before a public notary, assistance in any type of negotiations. 

Our law firm may also offer its services in the field of Labor Law, for example advice and assistance in the negotiation, completion, suspension and termination of collective agreements and individual employment, assistance and advice in disciplinary proceedings, assistance and representation before the committees of conciliation, mediation and arbitration courts in collective labor disputes. If you need a lawyer in Denmark, our attorneys are at your disposal.

Dispute resolution is one of our main areas of expertise and we understand that while doing business in Denmark these are sometimes unavoidable. We work together with our clients to fund the most suitable litigation scenario, whether it involves court action or simply negotiation or mediation (and, in some cases, arbitration). We help our clients with effective solutions so that the said dispute can be resolved as soon as possible and their business can resume accordingly.

We have many areas of specialization, as listed above. If you would like to know more about how we can assist you in solving a certain dispute, please reach out to our attorneys in Denmark.

Company formation services in Denmark

Many entrepreneurs are attracted to open a company in Denmark because of the country’s high flexibility and safety in terms of the business environment. Our law firm will guide you through all the steps required by the specific laws and regulations. You should know that in Denmark you don’t need to document for incorporation before a public notary, for the registration of the company no notarized deeds are required.

Below, our team describes the five main steps for opening a company in the country:

  1. Choose a business type: investors can choose from several types of companies, however, the private limited liability company is the one commonly used.
  2. Choose the name: each company, whether it is private or public, needs to have a unique business name; prior name checks can be performed.
  3. Prepare the company documents: before registration, investors need to prepare and draft the Articles of Association.
  4. Register the business: every company in Denmark is registered and receives a central company register number (it’s CVR number).
  5. Obtain permits: subsequent registrations and permit applications are needed for companies; our attorneys can assist during these steps.

Our lawyer in Denmark will guide you for opening a company in this country, a process which should not last more than 4 days when all the documentation is complete due to a simplified procedure with the help of the new online system. Our lawyers will also help you when you are interested in opening a holding company in Denmark. For more details about the company formation process, please reach out to our agents. They can also assist you in order to find out which legal entity form is suitable for your business plan.

For companies that wish to expand to the Danish market our team offers efficient solutions and information on franchising as well as branch and subsidiary opening. The franchise agreement is an important document and our lawyers can help both parties reach an agreement that will be in both of their best interests. We can provide information on the data that should be included in a franchise agreement, how much data and know-how the franchisor should disclose as well as the general process of franchising in Denmark, complete with legal advice that may be needed in order to ensure compliance with the laws in force.

When starting and running a business in Denmark, investors may find that ongoing legal assistance is much needed and welcomed. Our lawyers offer their services for other actions in the field of corporate law:

  • changes in the constitutive documents;
  • disposals, mergers and liquidations;
  • corporate advisory;
  • representing clients in general meetings;
  • complex corporate and commercial transactions;
  • drafting commercial contracts and other similar actions.

Our partner accountants in Denmark offer services for newly incorporated businesses, start-ups in Denmark, as well as companies that are already operating on the market. Our solutions focus on business particulars, as well as tax compliance and optimization as possible. At the core of our activities we include bookkeeping, annual reporting, tax filing and payment, and also other solutions. 

Foreign businessmen interested in starting a company in another European country, for example opening a company in Netherlands, can receive specialized assistance from our Dutch partners.

We also provide tailored solutions to companies that are interested in knowing more about the real estate and construction law in Denmark. Legal advice and planning is suitable for foreign residential developers in Denmark as well as companies that wish to enter the real estate construction sector. We offer complete legal assistance during real estate transactions in the country and we offer specialized services to foreigners who wish to enter such a transaction as special rules can apply in their case.


Closing a company in Denmark

We also provide assistance for closing a company in Denmark, even when it is about a solvent liquidation, decided by its members, or a compulsory liquidation as ordered by Court. 

Specialized assistance is often required when it is time to end the activities of a company. Our team of Danish lawyers is able to provide investors with the needed help for liquidating the assets and meeting the needs of the company creditors. In more complex liquidation scenarios, such as those where a dispute exists between the creditors and the company or between the shareholders of the company, our specialists can provide complete solutions for taking legal action, as needed.

We remind our clients that bankruptcy is a separate issue that needs to be treated accordingly. The key focus in this case is that the company can no longer pay its debts and our lawyers can help business owners who are in this position follow the next legal steps to dissolve the business and pay the remaining debts to creditors.

When a company is facing financial difficulties, restructuring can sometimes be an option and our team of lawyers in Denmark can help entrepreneurs find the right solutions to rescue the business. We have experience in insolvency and restructuring and are able to help our clients with information on negotiating with the creditors, out-of-court procedures and many others. As needed, we can also offer creditor representation.

We invite you to watch a video about our services:

Company mergers and acquisitions presented by our lawyers in Denmark

Company mergers are complex processes that require work on several levels, both on the part of the transaction and on handling the actual acquisition and the proper treatment of employees. That is why it is best to seek assistance from a specialized lawyer in Denmark. We can help represent companies that are interested in entering the Danish market through a business acquisition. Likewise, we can provide the needed legal counseling in case of company mergers. We help investors with advice regarding the local tax laws for mergers and acquisitions, the competition and, on a separate level, the employment law issues present during these types of transactions.

We are also able to assist clients who are interested in selling their Danish company. This type of transaction can often be a complex one that demands a certain level of preparation as well as the adequate draw up of documents. We work with companies in a variety of business fields and are able to help you handle the business sale, as well as any mergers and acquisitions, in a proper manner.

Debt recovery in Denmark

Your success in a debt collection procedure in Denmark is guaranteed by a good strategy and a deep documentation in the legal framework. By working with our Danish lawyers you will benefit from specialized legal advice, having in consideration that our law firm has a solid experience in this field and maximum results. Our lawyers in Denmark will assist you from sending/answering to the demand letter to assistance and representation in negotiations and in the amicable settlement. Our lawyers will also represent you before the court and they will provide their support in cases of attachment and seizure of assets, finding the best solutions in your interest. 

Labor and employment law in Denmark

Denmark is a country that welcomes foreign entrepreneurs and employees alike. Our lawyers have experience in working with foreign investors and foreign employees and can help with adequate legal assistance in terms of employment contracts for local and foreign workers, collective agreements as well as individual agreements. We can also help business owners conclude non-disclosure agreements and non-competition agreements as well as handle cases that involve the dismissal of employees.

We offer complete legal assistance in all areas related to employment and labor law. Companies need to ensure that they comply with the latest changes in the labor law and working with our team of lawyers ensures that they are able to observe the ongoing requirements.

Data and intellectual property protection 

Companies in Denmark are required to have a comprehensive understanding of the intellectual property rights. This helps them not only protect their business image but also for asset protection purposes. We can help investors with legal aid regarding trademarks and copyrights, company names, domain names, patents and designs protection. These issues are of interest for companies in all business fields, from those in the food sector to media companies, e-commerce companies, and many others. 

We offer advice to companies that are interested in operating in Denmark as well as those who are looking to expand in the Nordic region and have questions on how to proceed and how their IP rights will be treated once they enter another market. We can assist clients and answer questions for those interested in expanding to the Baltic region.

Tax Advice in Denmark

You should pay a special attention to the tax compliance in Denmark by paying all the taxes provided by the law and obeying all the provisions from this area in the specified period. By working with specialized accountants, our Danishlaw firm is able to provide a wide range of services in the field of tax compliance, from VAT registration to payments and payroll services. Our lawyers will also guide you to apply for the double taxation exemption, as Denmark has signed several Double Tax Treaties with other countries and foreign entrepreneurs have several benefits from these legal agreements. If you want to quickly verify if your country of residence signed a DTA with Denmark and the amount of money you have to pay in taxes for your business in this country, we invite you to use our tax calculator.

The main principles of taxation for Danish companies are the following:

  • Tax residence: a company is considered a tax resident if it is incorporated in the country or if its daily management operations are located here;
  • Taxation basis: resident companies are taxed on their worldwide income while non-residents only on their Danish-source income;
  • Tax rate: the usual corporate income tax rates for companies is 22%; the same applies for branches in the country; investors should know that other taxes are applicable and our tax lawyers in Denmark are able to provide a complete list.

Tax compliance is important for all companies and our tax experts are able to provide you with the needed information on the filing and payment schemes and other important information, such as penalties for non-compliance for corporations.

Apart from tax-related matters, our team can also provide foreign investors in Denmark with legal advice and solutions for banking and finance questions. We can provide legal advice on matters such as asset management in Denmark, the available funds and investment structures, banking, and mortgage, and others.

Our law firm in Denmark has extensive experience in working both with local and foreign clients and assisting in a wide and complex range of business disputes. We focus on providing professional and reliable services to our clients who need legal representation in court or for arbitration purposes. Our lawyers are experienced in settling disputes and also provide legal counseling in all of the areas described above as well as other topics.

Doing business in Denmark 

Denmark is a country with an attractive business environment and one that offers a high quality of life for employees and entrepreneurs. Key industries, that are well developed and present multiple opportunities, include:

  • – the power and renewable power sector;
  • – technology;
  • – software development and robotics;
  • – pharmaceuticals and life sciences;
  • – food technology and production;
  • – the maritime industry, where the country is one of the biggest shipping nations in the world. 

Entrepreneurs who open a company in Denmark will find that the location is suitable for new businesses as well as those companies that are looking to expand to surrounding markets. The official statistics, released by Statistics Denmark, show that the country has a valuable total production:

  • exports of goods and services in 2018: total value of 1,211.6 billion DKK;
  • the manufacturing sector (in 2018): production of 280,257 million DKK;
  • the trade and transport sector (in 2018): total value of 384,582 million DKK;
  • the financial and insurance sector in 2018: 112,763 million DKK.

These are just some of the statistics for selected industries in Denmark. Investors can find multiple business opportunities in the country and they can request the specialized services offered by our team of lawyers in Denmark, dedicated to foreign entrepreneurs. 

If you need a lawyer in Denmark, we invite you to get in touch with our team oflawyersfor specialized assistance in any legal or company formation matter in Denmark and also in other countries.