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How to Start a Franchise Business in Denmark

How to Start a Franchise Business in Denmark

Investors in Denmark will often choose franchising to set up a new business as this model is mutually advantageous for both parties involved in the franchise.

Those who wish to know how to start a franchise business in Denmark can talk to one of our lawyers in Denmark. Our team of experts can help you start a franchise business and assist you throughout the setup process.

Find out more about the franchise business model from the following video:

The conditions for starting a franchise in Denmark

Franchising is common in a wide range of industries in Denmark. It is common in the retail and the tourism and accommodation industry but also for personal services and cafes and restaurants. Examples of franchising opportunities in Denmark include:

– hotels;

– wellness;

– education centers;

– retail;

– fashion;

– restaurants, cafes and food franchises in general.

When a franchisee buys into a franchise business model he acquires not only the model per se but also the know-how, the trademarks and may receive specialized training for staff and for managing the business. This is generally considered more advantageous for the Danish business owners than opening a new company. The franchisor, the one who sells the business model, will thus have the change to expand to Copenhagen or another location in Denmark.

Our team of attorneys in Denmark can help you sign a franchising agreement by making sure that it complies with the ongoing laws for businesses in the country. 

How to open a company in Denmark

The franchisee in Denmark will need to handle the company registration process with no involvement on the part of the franchisor. Company formation in Denmark is a simple and straightforward process that involves a few key steps.

The requirements for opening a company will depend on the chose business structure. The ApS, or the Danish equivalent of the LLC is commonly chosen by investors.

Our accountants in Denmark are able to provide complete services to franchises in the country. You can rely on our team for accounting services that focus on preparing and submitting the annual financial statements, as well as bookkeeping solutions that include accounts payable and receivable management and reconciliation, payroll and invoicing, and more. We also offer consultancy services. 

Our team of Danish lawyers can help you start a franchise and run your business by fully complying with the Danish laws. Contact us for more information and for legal advice according to the industry.