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Legal Services in Denmark

Legal Services in Denmark

Our lawyers in Denmark offer professional legal services, tailored to the needs of the clients and oriented to finding suitable and efficient legal solutions. We focus on the case specifics and offer legal advice, assistance, and representation to both local and international clients. 

Specializing in various practice areas, our Danish lawyers have extensive experience in business and commercial matters as well as litigation and arbitration. Our legal services include the following key areas:

  • litigation: at our law firm, clients will find a team with experience in litigation who is able to represent them before the Danish courts.
  • business consulting: we provide complete advice and consulting on all issues related to business law and corporate laws.
  • company formation and dissolution: we can help investors both open a company in Denmark and close the activities of a Danish company; our team also specializes in mergers and acquisitions.
  • tax law: our team can help represent clients in case of tax disputes and can also provide adequate legal counseling on the applicable tax laws and tax planning. 
  • debt collection: clients who are having a hard time collecting their debts can request the services provided by our debt collection team who can also help with cross-border debt collection.
  • real estate: all matters concerning the purchase of commercial or residential real estate is covered by our team who specializes in this particular area.

Our full-service law firm is especially oriented towards business matters and our attorneys in Denmark can provide competent legal advice regardless of the business field in which your company activates. We offer personalized services according to the business sector and the business type and to whether or not the company is a startup or a business with seniority. 

Below, we detail some of the key services that we provide to local and foreign clients who do business in Denmark. In case you need legal services in another European country, such as Romania, wer ecommend our partners – RoLegal.com.

Corporate and Commercial Litigation 

Our team has a high degree of expertise in this key legal area. We handle each litigation case with thoughtful consideration and, whenever possible, we encourage our clients to consider the option of an amicable settlement during which we can provide complete legal assistance. When the case does do go court, our lawyers assist clients in preparing the documents and statements as well as guide them throughout the entire legal process. Our local lawyers will be able to represent you throughout all the stages of litigation in Denmark.

When clients decide that the suitable course of action is arbitration, our lawyers can also help with this alternative dispute resolution method. We can analyze your case and determine which course of action with be the most efficient, including in those cases that involve international disputes.

Formation of Danish Companies

Legal assistance and representation for the formation of LTDs (Anpartsselskab – ApS) or stock corporations  (Aktieselskab – A/S) and all other types of companies that can be registered in Denmark. When deciding to do business in Denmark, choosing the suitable type of company is one of the most important initial steps. Our team of lawyers will present the characteristics and advantages of each business type as well as the accounting, reporting and taxation requirements for that type of legal entity. 

Our team also offers services related to company formation such as company domiciliation, accounting services etc. For more details about these company incorporation services, feel free to contact our Danish lawyers.

Included in our packages for company formation is assistance for obtaining permits and licenses needed in order to conduct business activities in Denmark. This relates to permits from local authorities, licenses to conduct certain financial activities, requirements to hire a Danish national etc. Our law firm in Denmark can help you obtain special licenses and permits.

For foreign investors, our team offers a separate service related to the incorporation of branches or subsidiaries. The branch is merely an extension of the parent company while the subsidiary is a locally registered company. We can provide complete details to foreign companies that are planning to enter the Danish market.

Our Danish lawyers and accountants provide legal assistance related to the dissolution and liquidation of companies as well as bankruptcy procedures.

Mergers and Acquisitions in Denmark

We provide complete legal assistance for corporate mergers and acquisitions in Denmark, the purchase of shares in existing Denmark companies as well as other corporate restructuring processes on the Danish market.

Tax Advice and Tax Planning

Our lawyers in Denmark are able to provide complete advice on taxation methods and on legal tax minimization methods. We can provide services to new business owners who are just starting their business and need to understand the Danish tax principles but also to companies that need to handle claims issued by the Central Customs and Tax Administration.

Our lawyers also work with other experts and specialists to provide companies with complete solutions. If you open a Danish company, you can rely on our accountants in Denmark for the preparation of the annual financial statements, the processing of your payroll and social security taxes, preparing for audit, and general tax compliance. You can reach out to us for more information.

Debt Collection

Companies that have a claim against a Danish debtor can request the services offered by our attorney. We can help you recover the due debt by handling the case with professionalism and with careful consideration in case of business relationships. In most cases, we advise on an amicable procedure and only when the debtor fails to pay on multiple occasions we will initiate the legal procedure. We can work together to find a suitable solution both for the debtor and the creditor, be it installments or certain negotiated payment periods.

Real Estate

Issues related to real estate sales and purchases as well as the administration of tenancies and property are another practice area in which our team specializes. We can offer complete advice on drawing up property sale agreements as well as provide clients with real estate due diligence services for private or commercial property. We can also assist individuals and companies in any real estate or tenancy disputes.

Our team customizes the needed legal advice according to the client’s needs and any existing particular requirements. We treat each case with careful consideration and we offer suitable services every time.

Feel free to contact our team of lawyers in Denmark for any of the legal matters presented above. We will analyze your request and send you a personalized offer as fast as possibl.