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Listing on the Stock Exchange in Denmark

Listing on the Stock Exchange in Denmark

Investors interested in listing on the stock exchange in Denmark have access to the Copenhagen Stock Exchange or otherwise referred to as Nasdaq Copenhagen. This Exchange is one of the Nasdaq Nordic Exchanges.   

The experts at our law firm in Denmark can give you complete information about the conditions for listing on the stock exchange for Danish companies.

Rules for listing on Nasdaq Copenhagen

Nasdaq Copenhagen is the country’s regulated international and licensed market for Danish shares, bonds, financial futures, and others. The main rules and regulations governing the listing and duties of listed corporations include the Issuer Rules, the Member Rules or the Warrant Rulebook. First North is an alternative marketplace, subject to different rules and regulations.

Danish companies that want to list on the stock exchange need to follow a set of rules to be able to become listed as well as additional ongoing requirements. Listed companies have different requirements for disclosure, compared to other types of companies in Denmark.

The rules for listing shares on the Nasdaq Copenhagen are in line with the Danish Capital Markets Act but also with the current EU laws for market abuse and transparency.

The listing requirements for Nasdaq Copenhagen are harmonized with the Nasdaq exchanges in Helsinki, Stockholm, and Iceland. One of our attorneys in Denmark can give you more information if you are interested in more information about the national and international listing requirements.

Application to list on the Copenhagen Exchange

In order to be considered suitable for public trading on the stock exchange, the issuer of the shares must be duly incorporated and must be able to admit an entire class of shares to trading. Moreover, the shares must be freely negotiable.

The Danish company that submits an application for listing with Nasdaq shall provide the following documents:

  • accounts for the past three fiscal years;
  • the latest registered company articles of association;
  • proof of registration with the Danish Business Authority;
  • subscriptions/sales form;
  • a timetable for share offering;
  • detailed proof of fulfilling the listing requirements.

Our Danish lawyers can give you more detailed information on the application process for issuing shares on the stock exchange.

Our team also provides services related to tax matters and can answer questions about taxation for listed companies. Entrepreneurs and investors interested in complete accounting solutions can reach out to our team of Danish accountants for a complete list of our services which include bookkeeping, the preparation of the annual financial statements, tax filing, payroll, value-added tax, and more. 

Contact our Danish law firm for more information and legal advice for doing business in the country.