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Obtain Information about Danish Companies

Obtain Information about Danish Companies

Entering a new market as a foreign company implies certain risks which can be prevented to some extent. Denmark is currently one of the most prolific economies in Europe and the number of foreign companies setting up subsidiaries or branch offices here is growing. However, the risks of failure determine many investors to first prospect the Danish market by creating representative offices or asking for company due diligence services before entering a contract with a local company.

The company due diligence procedures imply verifying a business in Denmark. Our lawyers in Denmark can advise on where to look for information on a company.

When is it necessary to obtain information on a Danish company?

This is a question our Danish lawyers are asked most of the times. The correct answer is that the company verification process must start as soon as a preliminary agreement has been reached with the respective company.

Obtaining information on a Danish company is usually related to one of the following situations:

  • in merger and acquisition transactions which imply great transfers of money;
  • when entering in joint venture agreements or any other type of contract;
  • when selling certain products to a Danish company and one needs to verify the good faith of the buyer.

Information on companies in Denmark can also be requested when entering a certain market and the foreign investor is interested in finding out how the respective industry is performing.

Where can one verify Danish companies?

The best place to obtain information on Danish companies is the Business Authority. This is the Trade Register which keeps updated information on all businesses registered in Denmark. The interested parties can carry the search themselves, however in most cases requesting the services of professionals is advised.

Independent searches with other institutions, such as the financial authorities can also be ordered with a law firm in Denmark, for example, this way being able to find out only certain information on a company.

If you want to obtain information on a company and don’t know where to start, we recommend you contact our local law firm for assistance. We can also help if you want to register a company in Denmark.

If you are interested in other matters, such as those related to the taxation of a Danish company, you can reach out to our team experts. For those looking for accounting solutions, our accountants in Denmark can provide bookkeeping services, assistance in preparing the annual financial statements, payroll management, tax filing and payment, as well as audit and other services.