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Open a Consulting Business in Denmark

Open a Consulting Business in Denmark

Consultants are experts or individuals with considerable experience in a particular business field who are ready to offer their know-how and advice to clients. This can seem like a natural evolution of a professional who has reached a certain career level. 

Our team of attorneys in Denmark highlights the main facts that need to be taken into consideration by those who want to open a consulting business in Denmark

Consultants in Denmark

An advantage of starting a consulting business in Denmark is that the initial business start-up costs can be considerably lower, compared to businesses where investors also need to prepare a separate budget for equipment and manufacturing. Danish consultants are able to set their own tariffs when working as a freelancer and this should be thoroughly considered, according to clients and assignments. 

Foreign individuals living in Denmark are able to start a consulting business in order to offer their particular knowledge or skills to a Danish company or to other Danish entrepreneurs. This may mean that an expat in Denmark will need to start as a self-employed consultant. This is done by setting up a sole trader – the simplest business form. One of our attorneys in Denmark can give you complete information about the particularities of this business form and the advantages for first-time investors.

Steps for opening a business in Denmark

The following steps detailed by our lawyers in Denmark are required of all investors wishing to open a Danish company. These five main steps also apply for opening a consulting business in Denmark:

– step 1: choose an appropriate business structure;

– step 2: register the new company with the Danish Business Authority;

– step 3: register the company with the Danish Tax Authority for compliance with the tax regulations;

– step 4: register for any other permits you may need; consulting businesses may not need relevant special permits;

– step 5: hire employees: recruit workers and draw up the employment contracts; one of your lawyers can help you during this stage.

Consulting companies are subject to the general tax compliance and filing requirements, which include but are not limited to the submission of the annual financial statements. Our Danish accountants offer bookkeeping, tax filing and payment services, as well as payroll solutions. You can reach out to us for more information about the general tax compliance if you run a consulting business.

You can contact the attorneys at our Danish law firm for complete answers to any questions about these five essential steps. Our team can help you throughout the company incorporation process and afterward, with specialized legal services.