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Open a Financial Company in Denmark

Open a Financial Company in Denmark

Finance companies in Denmark can offer their services both to individuals and to corporations. In practice, most of these companies will specialize in one or more types of services and will target a range of clients. 

Investors who open a financial company in Denmark can talk to one of the experts at our Danish law firm. Our agents can give you information about the requirements for company formation but also about the laws governing this business sector.

Financial companies and financial advisers in Denmark

Financial services encompass a broad spectrum of services provided by companies activating in the finance industry. Banks are also included in this category, however, there is a substantial difference between the types of financial services offered by a bank (primarily focused on loans, deposits, bank accounts) and those offered by a financial company in Denmark (including but not limited to corporate advisory services, asset management services, consultancy services, and others). 

One type of financial service is the one focusing on investment services, such as capital markets services and brokerage. Investment management and insurance are two other types of financial services.

Companies in Denmark will enter one of these business fields and target one or more sectors. For example, some financial advisors may offer their services to companies in selected business sectors while others will prefer to offer tailored services to high-net-worth individuals.

Asset management companies in Denmark and other legal entities involved in the financial industry are under the watch of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. One of our lawyers in Denmark can give you complete details on how these types of activities are regulated.

Financial companies can be subject to more stringent financial reporting and audit requirements. Our accountants in Denmark can help you understand the current tax filing and payment requirements, as well as the conditions for audit and the annual financial reporting requirements if you run a financial institution. Reach out to us for complete accounting and tax reporting solutions. 

How to start a business in Denmark

Investors who choose to start a financial company in Denmark are required to observe the regular company formation steps. These include choosing a type of company and registering it with the Danish Business Authority. Registration with the Tax Authority is mandatory and financial companies are subject to the regular corporate income tax.

Our attorneys in Denmark can details these steps for you and offer complete assistance during any one of the aforementioned phases.

Contact our law firm in Denmark for complete legal services related to the formation of companies or for various legal issues.