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Open a Rental and Leasing Company in Denmark

Open a Rental and Leasing Company in Denmark

Having the right assistance when browsing the market for renting a property can be very important, especially for foreign investors in Denmark.

Entrepreneurs can open a rental and leasing company in Denmark and offer their services to local and foreign clients looking to relocate or do business in the country.

The attorneys at our Danish law firm can assist entrepreneurs who wish to open a company and offer these types of services.

Property management services in Denmark

Some of the services that are typically offered by companies that specialize in rent and lease services and property management services, in general, include the following:

  • Rent services: complete assistance for renting property in Denmark, for companies and individuals.
  • Legal rent/lease management: a team of agents, like our attorneys in Denmark, can also offer specialized services for all legal matters that may be faced during the rental process.
  • Property due diligence: one of the most requested services when renting property is the due diligence, as well as support when selecting the property
  • Tenant management: property owners in Denmark who wish to rent out their property can entrust the management of the relationship with the tenant to a company.

These services outline the main ones that are usually offered for individuals or a company seeking property management solutions. Businesses in this field do not usually require special permits and licenses, however, you can always talk to one of our lawyers in Denmark to see if any special conditions apply (according to the types of services your company will offer).

Open a company in Denmark

Denmark is one of the countries in Europe who is almost permanently included in rankings that concern the ease of doing business. The company registration process is a simple one and the two most commonly used business forms are the public limited liability company and the private limited liability company.

These two business forms have different requirements for a minimum share capital as well as management. One of our attorneys in Denmark can detail.

Working with a team of accountants in Denmarkis advisable. Our services include bookkeeping, general accounting, tax advising and consultancy. For your company, we are able to offer services related to preparing and submitting the annual financial statements, invoicing and payroll, keeping accurate records of the payments and the vendors, as well as reconciling the accounts payable and receivable, along with bank account reconciliation. 

For more information about starting a business and the options for company registration, please contact our Danish law firm.