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Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Denmark

Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Denmark

Investors who open an advertising and marketing company in Denmark have access to a dynamic business environment and at the same time one that offers a number of opportunities for companies of different sizes.

These businesses focus on delivering solutions for marketing processes and advertising campaigns, tailored to the needs of the Danish or international companies that hire them. Online advertising, as well as outdoor, magazine or radio/television advertising, are part of the services usually provided by agencies in Denmark.

When first starting a business in the country, investors who wish to open a marketing and advertising business will need to be up to date with the legal requirements for their company. One of our attorneys in Denmark can help business fulfill the sector-specific conditions. 

Advertising and marketing services in Denmark

Independent advertising and marketing agencies in Denmark stand out through creative and campaigns that appeal to the public and are being shared. An important focus is placed on video content that is shareable across social media platforms. However, Danish companies are focusing on several types of advertising and marketing strategies

International and local Danish advertising agencies can provide various combinations of the following types of services:

  1. Advertising: general advertising campaigns; also includes advertising content such as video, text for various platforms, including web and television. 
  2. Social media: social media advertising, social ad campaigns; can also include services that target a client’s digital strategy and the general management of its online presence.
  3. Graphic design: services that include the graphic design for the advertising campaign, an essential component for quality advertising messages.
  4. Branding: brand communication and business development strategies, focused on positioning the client on its target market.

Starting an advertising company in Denmark

The marketing and advertising sector is not one in which special permits and licenses are mandatory for businesses. however, you can consult with one of our lawyers in Denmark for complete details, according to the types of services actually offered by your company.

Opening a company in Denmark is a straightforward process and one that can be considered simple even for foreign investors. those entrepreneurs who cannot be present in the country during the company incorporation can request our services.

A new advertising and marketing company will need to observe the current regulations for making the needed tax payments and submitting the annual financial statements. Moreover, companies are also expected to keep accurate records of their transactions, including the accounts payable and receivable. Our Danish accountantscan help you with complete accounting and bookkeeping services. 

Contact our Danish law firm for complete details on how our attorneys can assist you.