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Open an e-Commerce Company in Denmark

Open an e-Commerce Company in Denmark

Investors who open an e-commerce company in Denmark enter a well-developed market that has a number of key flourishing subsectors. Online shopping is a preferred method for a large percentage of the population and it is believed that the e-commerce market will continue to grow on a yearly basis.

Our team of lawyers in Denmark describes the characteristics of the Danish online retail market and the steps investors need to take to open such a business.

E-commerce market in Denmark

An estimate released by the Ecommerce Foundation indicates that the Danish e-commerce market had a value of more than 15 billion euros in 2017, a 15 percent increase on a year-on-year basis. 

The e-commerce market is well represented and diversified, however, certain categories of products have a higher prevalence. Popular examples include online stores that offer clothes, shoes, accessories, consumer electronics, music and books, those for games and toys but also online tourism agencies websites that offer various packaged for cultural experiences. An emerging category is believed to be that of home and garden products. 

The preferred payment method in Denmark for e-commerce users remains the credit/debit card, followed by mobile payments. Investors who wish to start an online business in Denmark should consider the payment option they offer to their clients. For this purpose, one of our Danish lawyers can help you open a merchant account. 

Starting an e-commerce business in Denmark

Entrepreneurs are encouraged in Denmark and the steps needed to open an e-commerce company are straightforward. Those who wish to open an online store need to register the business once they’ve chosen a suitable type of company. This business registration takes place with the Danish Business Authority at least eight days before the commencement of any commercial activities.

All companies in Denmark are subject to taxation. One of our attorneys in Denmark can give you more information about registration with the tax authorities.

E-commerce companies need to observe the rules for keeping the minimum financial documents for their commercial activities, as well as making the annual financial statements submission. In addition to these, companies will need to observe the annual calendar for the most important tax payments. For complete accounting and bookkeeping services, please reach out to our Danish accountants.

Contact our law firm in Denmark for complete legal assistance for opening a company.