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Property Law in Denmark

Property Law in Denmark

The Property Law in Denmark regulates the permission for buying property for non-nationals but also the relationship between the landlord and the tenant and the sale/purchase of real property.

Our attorneys in Denmark talk about the main issues to consider when deciding to purchase property in Denmark and the options for foreign investors.

 Purchasing real estate property in Denmark

As a general rule, non-residents in Denmark and those who have not lawfully lived in the country for a longer period of time will not be allowed to freely purchase real estate property. A special permission needs to be obtained from the Danish Ministry of Justice.

Foreign nationals who are EU/EEA citizens may be granted permission for property purchase without a special application if they will use that respective property as their main residence in the country or if they will use the property as the headquarters for operating their sole proprietorship.

The experts at our law firm in Denmark can give you more details about these regulations and can even help you submit the application for obtaining permission to purchase real estate. Foreign investors in Denmark can talk to us regarding any other issues related to investments or purchases in the country. 

Property lease in Denmark

The Property Law in Denmark allows for specific rights for landlords and lenders, at the same time protecting individuals who rent property. The maximum rent on a particular property is calculated according to an applicable rent control system.

Buying property in Denmark as well as leasing real estate includes a number of formalities and individuals need to consider the fact that they will need to draw up a set of documents. We recommend that you talk to one of our Danish lawyers who specializes in property law. Our attorneys will also be able to give you more information about possible funding options, such as mortgages in Denmark. 

Contact our Danish law firm for complete details on the Property Law and for complete and personalized legal services in Denmark.

In addition to real estate law and related matters, our team can also answer questions about the tax law. Moreover, our partner accountants in Denmark offer the following services: bookkeeping (monitoring the payments made and received by the company), accounts payable and accounts receivable management, payroll, bank reconciliation, and tax compliance, and more.