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Real Estate Due Diligence in Denmark

Real Estate Due Diligence in Denmark

Despite the cold weather throughout the whole year, Denmark is a very sought destination by foreign citizens looking to relocate here. While some of them come to work here, most of them are investors who come to open companies in Denmark. No matter the reason, moving to another country usually implies buying a property.

It should be noted that purchasing real estate in Denmark is possible for foreigners with residence permits and EU and non-EU citizens who open companies here or have business permits. Also, before starting the purchase process, it is advisable for the buyer to first carry out a real estate due diligence procedure.

Real estate due diligence will enable the buyer to verify a property before acquiring it. Our lawyers in Denmark can offer more information on the real estate due diligence procedures available here.

What to check before buying a property in Denmark?

Foreign citizens or businessmen buying a property are advised to perform several types of checks on the real estate. Denmark has very clear regulations related to selling properties, therefore the buyer should first obtain information about what the law says. Then, they can carry out a technical inspection of the house, followed by a legal real estate due diligence.

The technical inspection is necessary when buying real estate which will be used to host the operations of a Danish company and the following reports must be obtained:

  • a building survey;
  • an energy class-efficiency report;
  • an electricity survey.

We also remind you that our Danish lawyers can help you register a company in this country.

Where to look for information on a Danish property?

The real estate due diligence process in Denmark is quite simple when one knowns exactly where to look. This place is the Land Registry Court where the following information on a property can be found:

  • a history of the property;
  • information about the current owner;
  • information on the encumbrances related to the property.

The access to the Danish Land Register is based on registration and every search is subject to a fee, which is why foreign citizens usually request specialized services when performing real estate due diligence.

For assistance in real estate due diligence procedures, you can contact our law firm in Denmark if you need assistance in carrying out a professional search.

Investors who need other types of services, such as those related to tax matters and accounting, can rely on our Danish accountants. Our team of experts assists companies with preparing and filing the annual financial statements, as well as with complete bookkeeping services, payroll, cashflow management, bank account reconciliation, invoicing, and more. You can reach out to us for details.