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Start a Recruitment Company in Denmark

Start a Recruitment Company in Denmark

Recruitment agencies in Denmark offer their services for multiple types of companies. Requesting specialized recruitment services is a method preferred by many business owners in the country.

Investors who start a recruitment company in Denmark need to observe the local rules for company incorporation and, for the purpose of their line of work, the Danish Employment Law. Our lawyers in Denmark can give you complete details with regards to the incorporation of a recruitment agency. 

Recruitment agencies in Denmark

Denmark is a country known for its high-quality work conditions and a favorable business environment. Danish employees are highly satisfied with their jobs and enjoy a number of quality benefits.

Entrepreneurship and company formation in Denmark are both encouraged activities, this is why many business owners will turn towards recruitment companies in Denmark when they need to hire staff.

Employment agencies in Demark are located in all large cities, starting with Copenhagen. They provide services to a large range of clients. Smaller recruitment and headhunter agencies may start with a particular business field and then expand their range of clients.

Businesses in the recruitment field can provide additional services related to human resources, such as training and education or career counseling for individuals.

Our attorneys in Denmark can give you further information about the laws governing this particular business field. Our lawyers can help you if you are interested in starting a business in Denmark no matter the chosen business sector. 

How to open a Danish recruitment company

Company incorporation in Denmark is a simple process and foreign investors who cannot be present in the country during the entire procedure can request special assistance from our Danish lawyers.

The private limited company (ApS) is commonly used by investors who wish to start a recruitment firm. Alternatively, foreign companies that want to expand to Denmark can open a branch. Investors must observe the requirements for the minimum share capital, the preparation of the Articles of Association and the registration of the company.

Our accountants in Denmark offer complete solutions for recruitment companies, irrespective of size. We provide accounting and payroll services and we make sure that our clients follow the current tax compliance conditions. We assist with bookkeeping, as well as the preparation of the annual financial statements. You can contact us for more information and details about pricing. 

You can contact the attorneys at our Danish law firm if you need additional details and specialized assistance to open a company in the country.