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Will Preparation in Denmark

Will Preparation in Denmark

Will preparation in Denmark is governed by the local succession laws and inheritance is largely based on the classes of beneficiaries.

The experts at our law firm in Denmark outline the main aspects concerning succession in Denmark, wills and the distribution of the estate.

The succession regulations in Denmark

The Danish Inheritance Law sets forth a set of clear guidelines for the distribution of the estate after the death of a testator. The surviving spouse is entitled to half of the estate while the children are entitled to the remaining half, distributed equally among them. 

Drawing up a will in Denmark offers the possibility to distribute the estate in a different manner, and not as explicitly described by the Danish law. When the testator is unmarried and does not have any surviving relatives, he or she may distribute the assets to any other parties. In other cases, it is usually one-quarter of the estate that can be distributed to any other party apart from the surviving spouse and family members. One of our attorneys in Denmark can help you draw up a will and distribute the estate appropriately. 

Foreign investors in Denmark or foreign employees who also own property in other countries will need to address the inheritance laws in that respective country.

Drawing up a will in Denmark

testator in Denmark may dispose of his or her estate as he or she sees fit. This is done through a will or a succession contract. Married couples living in Denmark may choose to draw up a joint will or testament. You can find additional information about this practice, and whether or not it may suit your needs, from our lawyers in Denmark.

Forced heirship does apply in some cases in Denmark. The surviving spouse and the direct descendants are entitled to a compulsory share of one-quarter of the intestate share. Parents are not seen as forced heirs. 

One of our attorneys in Denmark can answer any additional questions on the distribution of the estate and the preparation of wills. Additionally, we can provide counseling in tax matters related to heirship, such as the succession taxation payable upon the conclusion of the succession. 

Contact our Danish law firm for complete legal services in all inheritance or civil law cases.

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